Some very terrible and tragic news…


I have some very tragic news to share with everyone, and this is one reason (the other 2 were that I worked and went to school, which took up all of my time. But now, I dropped out for the rest of the semester [resumes 01/13/14] and am currently on break for work for about another week) why there haven’t been any new posts. My brother, the co-owner and videographer for this publication, has tragically passed away.

He passed away on October 31st, 2013. Yes, what once was my favorite holiday, Halloween, is now the most horrific and tragic day of my life.

Here is just a very, very, short version of what happened:

It was almost dinner time, which is late, but it was around 8pm on this night. My dad wasn’t finished cooking the food nor setting the table, but he had the feeling to call my brother down, as my mom, and I, were watching tv in the family room, right next to the kitchen. My sister was out at a friends house for a Halloween party. My dad goes to call my brother, but doesn’t respond, but the shower was on. After a few more times of him calling and not getting a response, he went up stairs. He started banging on the bathroom door, still with no response. He started yelling, the door was locked by the cabinet drawer pulled out. When my mom and I heard him yelling and banging on the door, we ran upstairs. My dad had to bust his way through. He opened the door and we froze in shock. My brother was face down, in the tub, shower on, with a sleeping bag case covering his head, and the rope tightly tided around his neck. Long story short, he was unresponsive, face and lips blue, and nose bleeding. I called 911 and my dad and I got him out of the tub, into the hallway. We cut off his clothes, my mom (who is a nurse) took over doing CPR and I went to do mouth to mouth. It seemed like forever, which in reality was probably only 5 minutes, for the paramedics to get here. I dragged my mom over to her room, which was just a short straight hallway from him. My mom was in complete and udder shock, my dad was downstairs, saying this isn’t happen I over and over again, and I was just praying and begging to God that my baby brother would be okay. They said they got his heart to start for a little, but he wasn’t breathing. They took him into the ambulance and sped away. But before they did, my sister came home, parked in our neighbors driveway and was with them when my dad and I came out. We told her what happened and she was bawling saying this wasn’t real. My dad, mom, our family friend, and I went to the hospital, while my sister, and her friend and mom stayed home.

The hospital ride took forever and when we got there they wouldn’t tell us anything and sent us to a conference room. We called most of our family and they dropped everything to come to the hospital. After what again felt like forever, which was about an hour they let my parents see him. I stayed back with our family friend, and I hear the most blood curdling scream from my mom that I have ever heard in my life – I knew something bad happened. I busted through the “DO NOT ENTER” doors and ran to her. She’s as being wheeled away opposite of me in a wheel chair. I asked the nurse standing closest to me and asked if my brother was okay. I didn’t hear what he said the first time, but our family friend did, so I repeated myself and he said “he didn’t make it”. I remember feeling really weird, and falling, backwards, to the ground and hitting my head very hard. Next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed, being poked for IV medicine.

My family was all there and the investigators were talking to everyone but me, which I still don’t know why. We asked when we could see him and they said we have to wait for the coroner, which was over an hour away, and were told in possibly 2 hours. After all of that, we got to say our goodbyes. It was the worst thing, other than finding him, that I’ve ever saw. He looked so horrible and I was beyond broken – I was devastated and shocked.

His wake was on November 7th and although I bawled when I walked into the room, and cried more than I ever have that night, Matt looked so peaceful, so good, and a million times better than he did when I last saw him. We put a bunch of things in his coffin. He of course had a rosary wrapped in his hands, but we put a photo of the family, a note from me, and a note from one of our close friends in his suit pocket. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Family Guy – 2 of his favorite things – by his shoulder, a few other things, but most importantly, his iPhone (he just had gotten a new phone, but we wanted to keep that to find out why he was asphyxiating himself) in his hands.

The funeral was the next day, on November 8th, and the cemetery is just beautiful. It if it was just land, he would want to go ATV and dirt bike riding there. There’s fields, so many trees, and a forest.

Matt at Zoo

I know I said I would keep it short, and this is a very condensed version of it, but I wanted to share to all of our fans what had happened.

I know some of you will be sad to hear of his passing, as am I, but I’m haven’t decided just yet what I’m going to do with this site, and our publication in general. I have to find out where the billing is going to, and to make sure if its being paid by him, to change that.

If you guys want to talk to me, about anything, you can reach me at the following:

My Facebook:
My main email:

If you want to send me or my family anything in the mail, please send me an email and I’ll give you my address.

If you want to read the full story of what happened, I posted it on my Tumblr ( and the link to the post is here: . It may be a little hard to read because of the colors.


Thank you to everyone who has stuck by our side since the beginning, not too long ago. It means a lot to me, and I know it meant the world to Matt.

Rest In Paradise, brother.

RIP Matthew Reszke
08/04/1995 – 10/31/2013

Thank you again,
Elizabeth Reszke

P.S. This last photo is of him doing what he loved most, and what he wanted and wished to do, more than anything, in his life. Let’s remember him this way, and with a camera in hand, up in heaven.



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