Something exciting!

I am so sorry I haven’t been on here, I have a herniated disk and I have been trying to get the pain to lessen, but that’s not the point of this post.

We are going to be finally adding our photos tomorrow. I’m not sure if WordPress has a gallery, so I might have to link photos from another place until we can figure out a more suitable host.

The photos will be going up, day by day, until all of them have been posted. The ones being posted tomorrow will be last years Warped photos, since the last publication I was on, never put them up.

I also sent in the request for Warped to photograph, and I’m upset that I sent it in 1 day late, but I’m hoping I can still get it, since they close the list 1 week before the show, and my Warped is in 12 days.

One last thing – I have been queuing posts, and they didn’t post on the right date, and they all disappeared. I apologize for not noticing this, but I will be fixing it ASAP.

Hope everyone is excited for the photos!

– Liz


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