Quick Update!

How is everyone doing? Thank you all so much for coming to this site, reading and enjoying everything we do and post! I just wanted to make a post with a quick update.
I start summer classes for college – I want to finish community college ASAP – tomorrow until July 25th, from Monday to Thursday, from 2-3:50pm, so I will be a little busy, but nothing that will keep me away from doing what I love – spreading and sharing music! I know I haven’t really been posting a lot, but that was because of my Spring classes and I was afraid that I wouldn’t do well, because I wasn’t that good of a student in high school. But! I managed to get all B’s!
Anyways, I will make sure to post daily, or have posts on queue so that if I am unable to post one day, I can already have posts ready to be posted. I apologize for the lack of posts, but there will be a 200% increase in posts now!
i also have quite a few concert photos to post on here! Since I made this site after I photographed a lot of concerts, I will be making a separate page for my brother and I to post our photos, reviews, etc. that we do, and link them in a post. In that page, I will post my Warped photos from last year, some other photos from concerts in which I didn’t get many photos from, Bam Margera from March and 2 Fall Out Boy shows from May. I will be posting my concert reviews that I have written from shows, but I will only post the concerts from the last year that I have been to, as I don’t want to post reviews of shows from years ago. I have also an album waiting to be reviewed as well – the bands name is TAUK, so I know I will be busy with this site!
I also have a plan that will make sure that I post on this publication. Every weekend,I will take a few hours out of my day to find news, write posts and get them together. I may queue them then, or I might just save them until the day I post them. Then, during the week, I will be editing photos from shows, writing CD and concert reviews, so they can be posted on the weekend.
And the final thing! We really need a few people to join us and become a part of this site! Since we keep growing, just doing this all by myself (my brother is still apart of this site, but hasn’t been doing anything lately, and since he is my brother, and I know that he is really busy, that is okay with me), I need people to join.
We are looking for: Photographers, Interviewers, CD reviewers, Journalists, Filmers, Etc. If you would like to join our site, please email me at: mainstagezine@gmail.com with the subject line: “I would like to join Main Stage Magazine”. 
Thank you so much for reading this “quick” update that became a little lengthy!
– Elizabeth
P.S. Here is a photo of my new, 8 week old kitty!Image

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