Exciting News!

Today, March 2nd, we went to a radio station in Wisconsin to see Dead Sara play an acoustic radio show. We got to photograph and video tape them as well! We didn’t get to interview them, because after everything, they split up and we couldn’t get any time with them. Anyways, we also met them, got their autographs and a photo taken with them.

My uncle had won tickets on Facebook for this on Friday, so this is how we were able to go. Photos and videos will be up within the next few days. If we do get the 6 inches of snow that we are suppose to on Tuesday, my class will most likely be cancelled, yet again, so I’ll have more time to get the photos ready.

If you do not know who Dead Sara is, search them on Facebook and twitter and check out their site at www.deadsara.com. They are also the opening band for Muse. I really wanted to go see Muse, and they play tomorrow in Chicago, but I have no way of getting there, which is a bummer.

Also, sorry for the lack of posts! I just started College and have been pretty busy, but every weekend, I will be putting posts on a queue so this site doesn’t look dead. More interesting posts to come!

Hope everyone is excited!

– Liz


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