Scandal Strikes for My Chemical Romance Bassist Mikey Way

Many people think of My Chemical Romance as the band that they used to frequently listen to in middle school – comforting, familiar, and drama free for the most part.

But as of Saturday, a rumour of a cheating scandal involving bassist Mikey Way has exploded over the Internet, and fans are livid.

Mikey Way has allegedly been having a secret affair with 19/20-year-old Sarah Cantergiani whilst still married to his wife, Alicia Way, approximately since mid to end of December.

Pictures of Way and Cantergiani initially surfaced on Cantergiani’s personal Instagram account, but have now been dispersed throughout the internet.

“He let [Sarah Cantergiani] put the pictures up publicly on the internet where anyone could and would find them. I can only imagine how Alicia feels. Her entire private life is being exposed so I understand why she’s ‘devastated’,” said an anonymous source, who wishes to only be identified by her Tumblr name, sweetlittlemikey (temporarily switched to scandalouslittlemikey).
Although it has still been rumoured that the Way couple has been having marriage problems, Cantergiani and Mikey Way have been engaged for about three weeks. There is no confirmation that Way is separated from wife Alicia Way.      But, Saturday night, Alicia Way tweeted the following statement, which many fans have speculated that she was unaware about Way’s unfaithfulness:


Mindless Self Indulgence bassist, and sister-in-law of Mikey Way took to Twitter yesterday and Tweeted things such as: “Disgusted” and “I can only assume you wanted people to know…Sloppy. have you no shame????”, but she instantly deleted them only minutes after tweeting.

Fans have also taken to social networking sites such as Twitter and Tumblr to express their feelings regarding the situation.

“I’m kind of disgusted in him. It’s plain to see the whole thing is ripping things apart even his family so on Mikey’s part, it was a pretty shitty thing so do and to even try to hide it,”said Ashley Miller, a My Chemical Romance fan on Tumblr.

“I think it’s a shame that their (Alicia and Mikey’s) relationship couldn’t stick out, because they looked really happy, and their matching tattoos are going to be difficult to get rid of, but I think as soon as people fall into love, they fall out of love too,” said My Chemical Romance fan Jessica Maxwell.

It is also confirmed that Way spent Christmas with his wife and family, while he was still allegedly having the affair. There hasn’t really been any sort of confirmation about all of this, but there has been a lot of speculation on what has been going on.
More information as it comes.
(By: Alexia Kapralos – Source: (The Rock Spot))

2 thoughts on “Scandal Strikes for My Chemical Romance Bassist Mikey Way

  1. This whole band is the problem with music and the world. It’s about time they are exposed for being liars and cheaters. With all the headlines they’ve made using other people’s private life as public knowledge, they deserve this taste of their own medicine. KARMA is real. It’s gross that their fans try to defend it. I was a fan but I feel fooled. As the daughter of a cheating father I can say from experience that if you can do something like this, you’re lying about much more. What goes around comes around, guys. Now we’ll see how they like it. It’s certainly taking them a long time to figure out a bullshit response to try to clear his name.

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